Cross the space traffic...
Ouch! Run over again.

Cross the space, mutate, survive!

Save these colorful ectoplasm!

It seems the usual match-3 game but it's not!
Super Smash Combo takes you on a magical
world where only the union is strength.

Welcome to Cupcake County!

You and your tiny truck are in Cupcake County, a small state with many location, with different cake, dessert and sweets. Gain money and move from city to city and fun as you can!

Save the light

You're only smoke and have no other purpose than to get to the end of the story. Save the light and make your way through tricky obstacles and boss monsters.

Welcome to

Our story

Founded in 2003, after 10 years of experience in graphic design, web design, 3D modeling and animation, Reinex Studios creates the branch that became it's new core business: mobile games. Fabrizio Cosenza (Ceo & Founder) begin to create mobile games in 2013, and after a year of prototypes and a half-dozen games in development, publish the first game in 2014, Light Eater.

We make stylish games with an amazing graphic. We make simple games that you can play with one finger, where even five minutes are rewarding for the overall experience.

Reinex Studios Games at work!

The team begin to test many different game prototypes.

May 2014

Light Eater Released

The first game developed by ReinexStudios saw the light.

September 2014

Cake n' Bake Released

The second game developed by ReinexStudios taste the sweetness.

November 2014

Crossy Space Released

The third game developed by ReinexStudios begin it's travel through the stars.

August 2015

SuperSmashCombo Released

The fourth game developed by ReinexStudios scary itself.

October 2015