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Cake n' Bake

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You are a young pastry and now Cupcake County is your next challenge. Drive your tiny truck from city to city and sell all sweets you can!

Cake n' Bake it's a funny game where you have to sort each cakes and dessert in its boxes. When a box is full, click the "Sell" button to empty and gain money. But pay attention not lose too many dessert or your gain will fly away.
You and your tiny truck are in Cupcake County, a small state with many location, with different cake, dessert and sweets. Gain money and move from city to city and fun as you can!

Game characteristics


game session


HD graphic
for tablets

  • Candy, Dessert and Sweets

    Dive in this colorfull world and fun sorting and selling many cake, dessert and sweets

  • Short game session

    With short-game sessions you can play it anytime to gain money and feed your dessert collection.

  • Unlockables

    More you play, more sweets and dessert you can unlock. Play with 20+ dessert and sell them all to gain money!

  • Free DLC coming soon

    Want more cakes? Want different locations? This is what we work for! Send us your comments and preferences.


Move from city to city and sell all your cakes and desserts!
Sort each sweets in its box and sell when full!
Stunning HD graphic for 7" tablets!
Stunning HD graphic for 10" tablets!
Your boss is watching you...

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