Welcome to Reinex Studios Games

We are a small indie team. We love to play games. We love to make simple but stylish and funny games. Heartmade.
Below the full list of our lastest games. Try our new space Experience. Crossy Space!

Crossy Space

Cross the interstellar space, eat led doughnuts and acquire new spectacular mutations! Use the power of the alien to protect yourself from the traffic, or turned into a robot to destroy all the cars in front of you!

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Cake n' Bake

You are a young pastry and now Cupcake County is your next challenge. Drive your tiny truck from city to city and sell all sweets you can! Gain money and move from city to city and fun as you can!

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Light Eater

You're only smoke and have no other purpose than to get to the end of the story. Save the light in this fantastic journey and make your way through tricky obstacles, boss monsters and wonderful worlds.

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